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When I was a kid, my mom brought home ice pop molds from a Tupperware party. At first I found it strange that grown-ups had parties that celebrated plastics. When we made ice pops using orange juice and fresh strawberries, it hit me - the fascination was the creative possibilities the plastic molds held!

I poured everything I could imagine into the molds; juice, ice cream, pudding, yogurt, candy, fruit, and nuts. Freezing transformed them. To me everything tasted better frozen on a stick. Throughout my teens I made pops as a healthy alternative to ice cream. In college I studied industrial design, a field where I learned even more about plastics and mold-making. This inspired me to think about food, just like plastic and wood, as a material that holds tremendous opportunities for design.

With the popularity of my cookbook Crazy About Cupcakes (Sterling 2006) I decided to write about pops as the next fun food follow-up. Partly because of the lifetime of pop-making under my belt, but also because these childhood favorites are a perfect reminder for us to approach life with playfulness, wonder, and a sense of silliness. And just like cupcakes, pops make people smile. When it comes to pops, the possibilities are endless - and so much fun!

Krystina Castella
Glendale, CA


Pops! Icy Treats for Everyone
By Krystina Castella

Everyone is invited to this pop party! This first-ever ice pop compendium includes more than 100 recipes with unique tastes and flavor combinations, such as Sour Plum, Thai Iced Tea, Sweet Martini, Root Beer Float and Blueberry Cheesecake. Six chapters include Healthy Energy Pops, Juicy Pops, Soda Fountain Pops, Cream and Pudding Pops, Coffee & Tea Pops, and Cocktail Pops.

With more than 50 full-color photographs and fun tips on how to keep your sticks straight, pulling off a perfect presentation and how to say ice pop in over a dozen languages. Additional recipes for global ices from Mexico, India, Italy and the Philippines are part of the mix too.

Pops! also offers innovative techniques for making ice molds from found objects, household items, ice cube trays and even small toys.

Quirk Books

Published by Quirk Books
Paperback $15.95, 128 pages
ISBN: 978-1-59474-253-8
Publicity: 215.627.3581

Photography for the book and site was created by Emily Brooke Sandor. Emily’s work has appeared in Gourmet, Food Arts and the LA Times.sandorphotography.com

Krystina Castella creates books and products that inspire play. She lives and works near Los Angeles as a writer, industrial designer, and professor at Art Center College of Design.

“I consider two features when making pops: the recipe and the shape. Sometimes I think healthy, others fancy and indulgent. Many of my pops are inspired by flavors, forms, patterns and rituals from around the globe.”

She is the creator of the popular cookbook Crazy About Cupcakes (Sterling 2006) and site crazyaboutcupcakes.com.

Her photography book Discovering Nature’s Alphabet (Heyday Books 2006) and site discoveringnaturesalphabet.com co-created with her husband, Brian Boyl is currently a museum exhibit traveling around the United States.

Krystina has also designed dozens of unique products ranging from housewares and clothing to furniture and toys. She is a consultant that helps creatives to bring their ideas to market.
Visit: krystinacastella.com